/ Media Markt - branded content

Consulting conception and production of branded content, branded entertainment.

Consultant for branded entertainment platform "" from Germany's biggest electronic shop "Media Markt" / Agency: Zum Goldenen Hirschen
Job: Conception, Production & Client Account.
w&v 46/2015
Branded Content Show. Couch Coach - Sport-Training.
10 Episodes Season 1 + 10 Episodes Season 2.
Branded Content Show. Glorious Gadgets. Funny Gadget Testing by 3 female protagonists
1 Season - 12 Episodes.
Branded Content Show. Super Lotti. Super-Granny Lotti explains modern technology her way.
1 Season - 15 Episodes.
Branded Content Show. Elijah helps lost parents to buy the right gift for Christmas.
2016 will be fun. Seasonal Trailer.
Branded Content Show. Kuhl oder UnKuhl. Crazy Quiz Show.
1 Season - 4 Episodes.
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