TNT Glitz Redesign

Turner Broadcasting System Germany relaunchs its women's and lifestyle channel glitz*. From glitz* to TNT Glitz.
With the name change also the on-air and off-air performance of the channel changes. TNT Glitz will be presented in a younger and fresher look. The new in-house developed design is dominated by the color pink, which will also characterize the new logo. With its new slogan "We are pink" TNT Glitz centres around his audience. So photos will be integrated by the TNT Glitz viewers in the on-air communication. The new logo of TNT Glitz is based on the logos of its sister stations TNT Serie and TNT Film. The core target group of TNT Glitz viewers are between 20 and 39 years.
Semiha Ismail, Senior Designer
Christoph Lohr, Designer
Benjamin Linke, Designer
Tobias Mader, Creative Manager
Hagen Biewer, Creative Director
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