TNT Serie Reface 2014

As of the channel’s 5th birthday on February 1st, Turner Broadcasting System Deutschland’s series channel TNT Serie presents itself with a completely new design. It focuses on the heroes of the channel’s shows. A clear and
precise type face compliments artistically highlighted portraits of popular screen characters. Turner’s creative team has developed an individual color code for each show genre, giving all new trailers a genre-specific touch. The broad range of colors and motifs used also represents the channel’s diverse content offerings. Logos displayed before and after trailers and shows will match the color code of each specific genre. The genre-neutral main logo of TNT Serie continues to be the familiar red emblem. 
Semiha Ismail, Senior Designer
Christoph Lohr, Designer
Benjamin Linke, Designer
Florian Selder, Producer
Tobias Mader, Creative Manager
Hagen Biewer, Creative Director
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